“Arey tum to poorav k ho. Tum to zeher bhi sone k bartan me doge. Ek to poorabiya upar s tumhari jaat.”
Quite a common statement among the UP walas. Discrimination is everywhere. It can be on the basis of caste, state, creed, anything. We Indians need all reasons to show ourselves better than others. If we see a person doing better than us.
“Arey wo to reservation wale hain bhaiya. Kam padh k bhi pura khandaan doctor ban gya.”
C’mon when all of us know that reservation has been prevailing in India since times immemorial and it is here to stay for long then why not work accordingly? And hell, have you in any manner even reached the cut off for reserved category in medicine. And please I am not here to preach about reservations. Even I don’t support it but I don’t forget to acknowledge people who reach a good place through reservation. This is something we need to live with.
“Kitna hi accha bana ho, chamaar ka khana chamaar ka hi rahega, pandit ka nahi ban jaega.”
Man, do you even know the caste of the chef who prepares food at the five star hotel you visit every Sunday? What if a reserved category person saves your child? I am telling you half of India’s crowd is going to make the child bathe in holy water for the simple reason of being touched by a scheduled caste.
I remember a friend creating ruckus in my hostel because the maid had touched her biscuit filled container while dusting. She had thrown it off that very day. If you don’t have pity on that maid, have a little pity on those Bourbon biscuits at least.
The Northies face discrimination in South and vice versa. Same happens with the east and the west region. U.P and Bihar are most of the time considered as the outcasts but amazingly if a Bihari reaches U.P, he is harassed to the peak and likewise. Hell, there are divisions in the state as well. The Western part of U.P considers itself better than the Eastern part. I see so many ragging cases based on the same.
Harassment on the basis of stupid discrimination is truly baseless and uncalled for, that is what I believe. Each individual is born with a unique quality and no one gets a chance to select his location, colour, caste or creed before birth. So the next time you victimize someone else think again for you could be a victim yourself some day..

9 Replies to “Discrimination or harassment?”

  1. I feel bad when i hear such stories of racial and caste discrimination. Its us who have made it. in the eyes of god we are equal.
    I person is known by the good or bad qualities he/she has rather then the caste he/she is born in. 🙁

  2. i really don't know when this people are gonna respect human for being human rather than judging them with caste and creed they belong -:(
    But kudos girl you have written brilliantly ,strong post 🙂 🙂
    P.S – I am your blog's new follower 😀 😀

  3. Thank you so much Vinisha…I am really sick of this thing going around in the society and I thought that the least I can do is by writing out this post

    Thanks a ton for following me and I loved your blog too..Following you back 🙂

  4. I am a converted christian and few of our relatives who are still Hindus don't forget to taunt us even now. I really don't understand the shit going around. Discrimination has to happen in any form

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