Don’t let the title mislead you in anyway. No I am not here to talk about Indian Independence again. I know as Indians we may not work even for a sec for the goodwill of our country but a day like 15th August does make us remember that we are Indians and think about the heroic deeds of our former leaders and so on.
Anyway, let’s just come back to the topic I saw ‘The Lady’ two days back and today again and that is whhy I am writing this post. I just can’t give a movie review here plus the movie is an year old but then there’s one thing I really wish to say is I am completely bowled over by the movie.

I am not a movie buff but there are some movies that always leave an impact and this movie has been one for me. I really acknowledge people who direct movies on revolution and betterment of the nation. Hats Off Luc Besson, you’ve directed a great movie. In Bollywood, there have been movies that talk about great personalities but we really need to get inspired from this movie. We’ve had enough of typical masaledaar, tapori music and Rajnikant fights. Commercial cinema always does well and as viewers everyone wants that he should be entertained. But then if media won’t try its best to arouse people who else will? Media is one of the biggest means to make people realize the fact that injustice ought not to be suffered, facing and raising your voice against it is what matters.

The movie is based on a true story of the 1991 Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Its about her fight for democracy against the military reign in Burma. The Burmese military is considered to have the highest record in terms of being brutal, mass murder, torture, forced labour, rape and what not. In fact there were around seventeen video journalist who were imprisoned for leaking out footage for this movie.The movie unfolds the strength of a woman, how she rises up from a homemaker residing at London away from her homeland, Burma to the saviour of the whole nation. Purity of relations and the emotions related to it, the sacrifices a husband makes for her wife to grow politically, the maturity kids show when they see their Mom helping out her homeland, the understanding of a family staying away from the woman of their life, a mother’s courage to let go off her family, a daughter’s goal to achieve the dream her father saw, the hope for a better land, the willingness to forgo one’s own happiness for the sake of the country is something that the movie has touched upon. She was even kept under house arrest for years so that NLD doesn’t get stronger, she couldn’t be there to see her husband walk the heavenly abode. She couldn’t leave the country for if she did, she’d never be able to come back. But she did everything, fought out her way through non-violence so that there was no loss of life. ‘You may not think about politics but politics thinks about you’. This is a line spoken by the protagonist and I am so touched by this phrase. I really wish this was applied in our country.I am so pleased that I actually watched the movie as soon as I got it because normally I catch up on movies quite late even when they are somewhere lying in my laptop.

I had heard about National League of Democracy, Myanmar and Aung San Sui Kyi(I remember mugging up her name for one of those G.K tests at school) but had never sat up to read the whole history behind it. We achieve so much in life but we often forget to acknowledge so many people who left their comfort and home to bring happiness into the lives of others. Today when I’ve just seen a part of her life and I am so inspired by her, I really don’t know how great she’d be in my eyes on the day I pick up some literature on her.
And in case if you also feel like knowing about the movie, you can always see the Wiki and to know more about Aung San Suu Kyi, Wiki comes to your help again. Check it out here. Believe me, you should watch movie at least once and I am sure it’s not going to disappoint you.
And don’t you think we all need to think over it? We can always do better things rather than keep thinking about our selfish needs, forgoing our own joys to see a smile on hundreds of people. We just need a little more strength and courage to go out of our way to do small little things in our own way and you yourself will be surprised to see yourself rejoicing at others’ happiness.
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  1. "We just need a little more strength and courage to go out of our way to do small little things in our own way and you yourself will be surprised to see yourself rejoicing at others' happiness." I really adore these words. and you are good as usual that too about my favorite leader.

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