To the man I look up to
To the man who made me what I am
To the man who has always been my source of inspiration
To the man who I’ve always wanted to be like
To the man who erased every sadness from my life
To the man I miss the most here
To the man who has been around 24*7
To the man I love the most
To the man who has been my best friend throughout
To the man who has always guided me towards the right path
To my Dad, may you keep motivating us like this forever and ever
I want to make you proud of me some day
And I wish you a whole lot of success in your life
Thank you for giving me the best of life and best family
Love you Dad, you are the best
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday….
I wish I was there with you now
You helped me move on to the right path. You’ve been through all my thick and thins. I remember going out for the evening rides with you when I was a kid. How tired you might have been, you never refrained from taking me to the evening rides out in the market following the daily ice cream ritual at the Mickey Shop. I remember the times when you made me learn the names of animals through different tactics of yours, I loved the way you fed me dinner every night. Times after you come from office are the most joyous moments for us. I’ve heard so many friends saying their Dad didn’t have time for them but I always said proudly that my Dad gives all his time to us. The Sunday breakfast, the hang outs with you, the never ending conversations with you, the not so good arguments, the learning times, the morning chats at the bus stop while waiting for the school bus, checking time again and again in the coaching so that I could just flee by with you, the moment I was gifted a scooty, shopping with you(most girls go out shopping with their Moms or friends but I am a little different), the vacations, the goodies you bring for us, the evergreen smile on your face, all make me feel so proud and lucky to have a Dad like you. I have so much to say but I really can’t. I am falling short  of words for they can’t really be enough to express the gratitude I have for you.
Happy Birthday once again :))))

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  1. sweet post…all the time while I going through your post and even till now…I was only smiling remembering our cute childhood moments…

    wish him a very-very happy birthday from my side…GOD bless you both… πŸ™‚

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