Okay, aren’t we proud of the innumerable Indian engineers working in the foreign land earning name and fame? Don’t we raise our collars when we get to know about a certain researcher of Indian origin makes a mark at NASA? Yes, we are proudly heading as the technically advance nation, if you want brainys Indians are the most sought-ed people. We come under the intellectual class.
But where has the intellectualism gone? Some time back North India was hit by an extreme power failure. Hell, even when there is sufficient amount of energy available it is wasted by lighting street lights at 4 p.m. What is the point of being technically advanced when you can’t fulfill the basic needs of the common man?
Coming to first basic need, FOOD. How many people actually get proper meals three times a day? And we all see the newspapers flooded with news about hunger driven people found dead. The Government started the mid day meal concept in schools long time back but we all know where the grains go? And where does the hard earned money of people snatched away as taxes go? THANK YOU GOVERNMENT
Second basic need, CLOTHING. When elections are round the corner, every minister is seen distributing shawls, saris, blankets to the poor. After that, what? You are left with nothing. They are here only to make empty promises. THANK YOU GOVERNMENT
SHELTER. You and me are lucky to have a roof but not all our that lucky. So many poverty stricken people sleep on road sides, footpaths, railway stations. Some are even found sleeping by the stinking nalas. Does the Government care? Hell, no. When SP was campaigning for elections in U.P, MSY clearly said he’d be providing employment and laptops to the students. This statement made him catch easily on votes and unfortunately UP again came under the prey of some of the most corrupt ministers. I would really like to know how many actually got employed in their 150 day reign. When you can’t provide proper infrastructure to the country, how can we think of anything else? You have been an utter failure in the name of CM, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, like father, like son. Anyway, THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.
Now that we really are unable to suffice the most common needs, how can we even talk about other  necessities like medical facility, electric supply, water supply, roads, transportation. Don’t these things fall under technical stuff?  And still we say we are technically advance but in the end I’d like to add on the sarcasm once again, THANKS A TON GOVERNMENT πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice to read u after long Harshita…!! Stream line ur thoughts…just an advice…u may ignore!! Anyways I'll try to spare time to read more of ur stuff!! Keep writing!!!

  2. Thanks for the advice Ma'am..I'll surely work on it
    Believe me, it's gratifying moment to receive comments from your English teacher at school πŸ™‚
    You've always been a great support to my writing endeavour πŸ™‚
    Thanks for passing by my blog :)))

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