1. I am a big foodie. I love eating, ambiance doesn’t matter, from roadside dhabas and chaiwalas to biggie restaurants, I am present everywhere. I especially love mom made food( who doesn’t?) and I really wonder why I can never bake like her?

2. I love writing. I mean if you leave me in a locked room with novels and a lot of paper, you’ll find me in a corner stuck up with pen and paper. These days I work more on my laptop for my writing engagements.

3. I love myself. Whatever the case may be I am never disappointed with myself. I know i overestimate myself often but I am happy being myself and what I have. I love spending time all by myself, having a cup of coffee alone, travelling alone in the metro observing the crowd, man I even do shopping alone.

4. I am an introvert person. I really am. though people close to may might not believe me but once I am in the company of people whom I am not close to, I stay silent. And that is why I do not like crowded areas. As a result I hate going to weddings.

5. I love colours. I am awful at art but I love playing with colours, having a collection of paints, sketch pens, crayons with me something I adore. I like things to be colourful around me.

6. I hate engineering. This is a fact. Since day one, I haven’t liked mechanical Engineering. It’s not that I didn’t try. I tried hard but it could never impress me. Sad enough 🙁

7. I don’t get sleep at night. however hard I try I really don’t get sleep at least till 3 a.m. Earlier it was accompanied by acute headache. Now I am used to it and it doesn’t feel anymore and that is when I began writing at night for distraction.

8. I am very lazy. There are many places where I can perform better but I never do. I never give my 100% :@ I am really pissed off with this habit of mine.

9. I love Maths. I love playing with numbers. Even though I might be hating engineering but I still have feelings for my favourite subject since school days.

10. I am a chocolate lover. I love eating chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream and chocolate bars. My favourite chocolate is Crackle and Bournville.

11. Getting my book published is one dream that I am living for. I saw this dream when I was in Std IX but being lazy I’ve still not come up with it.

12. I still don’t know how to cook. My culinary skills include making maggi and pasta for myself. My Mom has been after me since long but again my laziness takes over.

13. Even though I fight a lot with my younger sis, I love her a lot. I miss her a lot here.

14. I love my parents, everybody does but I love my Dad more 😉 sorry Ma.

If you are reading this, do blog about 14 random facts about yourself and please leave the link to your post in the comment section. I would love to read!
Inspired by Ruchita Misra

13 Replies to “Fourteen random things about me”

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  2. haha! loved this post……i too love colors though i am not very good at arts or may be i have never given my 100 % at arts….getting a book published is my dream too….i too am an insomniac and my cooking skills also include just tea and maggi…….
    hehe…i love blogosphere because through this i find many people like me…

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