A train journey and a novel…complete bliss and to top it up was Rahul Saini’s light and chirpy writing style which all of us have loved since his first novel, ‘Those Small Lil Things’ came in the market. Rahul Saini comes with a third novel, ‘The Orange Hangover’ which is totally his type, hilarious story telling.

The book revolves around Rishabh and his life. Friendship is the best bond that humans share and Rishabh is one such boy for whom friendship is amongst the most important ones and this is realized by his journalist friend Natasha. Rahul Saini is a man who loves spending time with his family and friends and thus every novel of his portrays strong relation with his Mom and friends. The book starts with a mail to Rishabh from his girlfriend, Superna where she states that it’s time to break up. But this book is not another break up – love lad’s story. It is something more than that. While this forms a backdrop to the tale, it is filled with a crime thrill where Rishabh gets suspected of a murder and he sets on a mission to bring himself clear of all this.  Rishabh has been affected by dengue and his mother decides to take him back to his home town, Jalandhar. As soon as he reaches there, the neighbourhood aunties keep asking the same questions about getting married and losing a job which he keeps on clarifying that h didn’t lose one, he quit. But nobody actually acknowledges it. Rishabh is lonely and chats with his friend Natasha daily whom he met at a party. He joins an architect and soon begins to work for a client, Mr. Sahota where he bumps into child labour and begins social work of teaching the underprivileged kids with the help of his friends, Janvi and Mansi. He starts falling for Mansi but things aren’t meant to be sweet always. Superna wants to come back and he even gets suspected for Mr. Sahota’s murder. 

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