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Finally we have a great read. ‘By Mistake’ is an effort by Viveik  Pandit. Though this is his first novel, he has got a lot of experience in the field of writing. He has been associated with journalism since long and has a coffee table book to his credit. I am elated to find that such a great piece of literature has been penned down in the ‘New Age’ literature section.
Shantanu is an MBA grad from Munich and has come back to India after a long stay at Canada after being dumped by his long time girlfriend Jasmine. He meets Pranish and Shail, his old friends and drives off to Kasauli from Delhi. And the most unexpected time he gets to meet his childhood crush and first love, Kavita who had since long been teaching at Nainital. In between he even helps out a few school boys of the same school wherein Kavita teaches.
Kavita had been married off to Rajeev but he was a wife abuser, someone who believed in domestic violence. She could handle it no more and walked out of the marriage. She even had a two year old son, Adi whose custody still lay in the hands of the court.
He spends sometime with them and proposes her too. And obviously Kavita declines. Meanwhile they have a college reunion at Lucknow where many of them question him about Kavita. He waits for her to see him at the farewell but she doesn’t come.
Shantanu is hell bent on getting Kavita. He helps her fight Kavita through her divorce. Rajeev sends her a legal notice for the custody of their son, Adi wherein she’s helped out by Shantanu as well as her college friend. Will Kavita go back to Shantanu or not?   Will  Kavita get Adi? This is for you to find out.
The story might sound simple to you the beauty of the book lies in the story telling. Words have been weaved magically into the story. The amazing portrayal of characters and the witty liners keeps us awe struck. I salute him for the wonderful piece of work he has given to hungry readers like me. In the last few years, we had seen less of the beauty of English language, the act of playing with words is something we get to see in ‘By Mistake. There’s one really amazing section of ‘Shantanu speak’ in every chapter where we get to know how the protagonist feels at the turn of events. Every sentence, every chapter, even the title of each section gives you a good feeling. You can almost imagine each scene in your mind as if a movie is going about. And after a long time, I got a pinch of classic writing in this book. I went back to my days of Ruskin Bond’s works when all I wanted was his book and everything would just lay forgotten. Hats off to the author for presenting us such a wonderful work.

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