You wooed many a million. You were the first superstar of Indian Motion pictures. Girls wrote love letters to you while boys sported your hair style. There was a different charisma you had and certainly no body till date has been able to match your acting skills. I remember watching Aradhna with my parents on Star Gold some years back. I was totally in love with the suave and romantic image you had. A 21st century gal almost fell for an actor of 70s, yes that was the aura in your voice and the magic in your eyes that no one could resist from loving you and praising you.
There’ll be no actor like you in the history of Bollywood ever for you have a matchless and a perfect style which no one can replicate.

While I was coming back in train today, the railways played the song ‘Zindagi ek safar’ in your remembrance. I could never be a part of the crowd who shouted on watching you but I surely am the daughter of the couple who adored you. When I was a kid and was getting my slam book filled by Dad, he had told me that you were his favourite actor and my Mom agreed to him as well. At that time I didn’t know the magic you had spread through super duper hits like Aradhana, Bawarchi, Hathi Mere Sathi and the list goes on. You bagged on every award during those days and married the hottest actress of those times. You were certainly the man every girl would want to get married to.
You passed away three days back leaving back a huge nmber of fans in tears. We sat watching you go to the heavenly abode on television. My Mom had tears in her eyes and I knew there were thousands like her.
‘Mere sapno ki rani..’ made all of us skip our heart beats and no song of today’s times can beat the amazing music of 70s. Somehow I feel your presence made the song even more beautiful. ‘Roop tera mastana..’ really made a girl sweep off her feet and ‘Kuch to log kaheng…’ has been my all time favourite.
Though you are gone forever but you’ve etched a different place for yourself in our hearts. A salute to the man who gave romance a new meaning….the man who became the first superstar of our country..Sir, you’ll be heartily missed..May your soul rest in peace. Amen.

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  1. He was my mom's hero … mom had a school girl crush on him I guess 😛 She n her older sis had watched Aradhana. I never knew until his sad demise that I loved two songs from that film … 'Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu' & Roop Tera Mastana' Celebrating his life n contrib, I even shared those songs that day on my FB Wall that night. Earlier in the afty, I had called home and Mom on seeing all R.I.P. statuses of Hindi Cinema's first superstar on FB. Wish I had met him. I have watched 'Haathi Mere Saathi' a few times at least. Dinno he was in it. God Bless his soul.

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