There are a few things that have been piling up but the lazy me never feels like doing anything. So the past fortnight has been a little hectic. The first eight days went in PUT(Pre University Test) so it basically means I must be studying but the lazy person I am, I never give my cent percent to anything so the conclusion is that the first eight days went in wasting my days, the left out days went in taking rest after all I had just completed with my exams. Sometimes I feel i am such a hopeless and worthless creature in this world, I have nothing to do,all I can do is waste my time. I wish one day I could get over my laziness. So a quick update of the past fortnight.
You guys must be remembering about the International poetry competition in which I had taken part last month. I became a one star finalist in the same. It is an honor to be a part of the finalists where so many people from all over the globe participated. All I feel is that either my stars were good when the judges were going through my poem or the judge was in a good mood. Thank you everybody and every person who has been encouraging me in my stupid endeavors. I didn’t tell about this to Mum and Dad as I felt it wasn’t that great an achievement even though I updated it as my status and Dad being a rare visitor at FB didn’t go through it. And then the other day some family friends called up at home to congratulate Mum and she didn’t even know what they all were talking about. She immediately asked my sis to log in facebook so that she could have a look at her daughter’s achievements which her daughter thought to be irrelevant. She called me up congratulating me for the same and making her brainless daughter realize that it is something to be rejoiced about. I think my parents already think that their daughter has lost her gray matter after she left home for Greater Noida to pursue engineering. And now that so many people have congratulated me I think I should inform you all too about this. You may check out the poem here and the Contest Result Page where my name stands along with the other contestants πŸ™‚
Another accomplishment is getting the Versatile Blogger Award for Dreams v/s Reality by Dhruv Solanki. Dhruv is an engineering student at NIT, Raipur who writes lovely poetry in Hindi and English. He describes thoughts beautifully. There is lot to learn from him.Thank you Dhruv for the honour and the lazy me doesn’t want to write again so you may check out this space for more info as I have already received the same title for my other blog:)
Every reader has played a great part in making this blog and Relationship Vows a readable space. Thank you dears for your support and keep tolerating me in future too. A person who has been supporting me blindly and every step I take is Mr. Prasoon Verma(Vaanbhatt). Thank you Uncle for reading my write ups and motivating me in every way. You have been a fatherly guidance to me here.
And yes today is my birthday. I turn 21 today πŸ™‚ see how shamelessly I laugh here. I don’t even realize that I haven’t achieve anything till date, all I did is wasted 21 years of my life. I guess I’ll be doing the same in the coming future too. So for now it’s time to celebrate my day, Happy Birthday To Me:) We can adjust with the failures later, isn’t it?

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  1. the greatest thing you have achieved is 21 years on earth…experiences…of…self and others…this is what going to pay in remaining life…in due course of time you will be getting richer and richer in your experiences…being human is the rarest commodity…and i see you approaching that height…wish you all the best in every sphere of life…

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