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I walk past the empty road..There is no one present. All I can hear is my own footsteps. The wind is blowing hard. I wish I had carried a stole along. I am sad today. I have just found out that the people whom I considered my friends have betrayed me. I am depressed and dejected today. I feel that I have lost the match of life. I have been a failure on my part. I couldn’t recognize thee true colors of the people around. Does being too helpful and too friendly become harmful for you? Why do people try to take undue advantage of your friendly and helping nature? I have lost my friends today, I have nobody to call my own in this city.
I am lost in thoughts and I think of all the moments I had spent together with the two friends who had once been my best buddies.
“Shreya,” I am woken up from my thoughts by a male voice.
I look up and I am surprised to find Sid standing in front of me.
“Where do you think you are going?” he asks me worriedly.
“No where. Why?”
“Well this path leads to the graveyard and I don’t think so you would like the company of ghosts at night,” he smiles while talking to me.
I am horrified to hear this. Anyone would be. I am damn scared of ghosts, well most of us are and I am so much afraid of the road that leads to the graveyard tat even though it is a shortcut to the main market I never try to go through the same.
“Thank God Sid you came or else I would have had the horror of my life,”I speak to him a little relieved by his presence.
“You are welcome. Do you mind accompanying me to McDonalds?”
“Yeah…fine,” I reply hesitantly.
After an hour I am back at my flat waving to Sid.
I guess people aren’t probably that bad. If there is a long list of dishonest and selfish people then there are a few friends who will always be by your side. I am lucky to have a friend like Sid. In the past few months I had totally ignored Sid for the new friends I had found but he was always by my side, supporting me and irritating me as always. Friends are the best part of one’s life and I am happy that I have a friend like Sid. A lesson that I learnt today:Never ignore your old friends for new friends as if you lose them no one else will be able to fill their space and I sure do not want to lose any of my friends.

P.S:Even though this is fiction, this post is dedicated to all my friends. I love you guys. Thanks for being there for me 🙂
Bless ya… 

10 Replies to “Friends…Never lose them…”

  1. F-R-I-E-N-D-S spells L-I-F-E…. nice write up….
    Stay blessed..
    p.s. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. It means a lot to me..
    Hope to see you around..
    Happy Blogging 🙂

  2. it is self, whose happiness matters…everyone other than you is other…so neki kar dariya mein daal aur hamesh mast raho…count those who are with you not those who left you…

  3. Nice presentation. touching..
    as I'm choosy,
    I don't have so many friends. but all of them are very good guys. I have a friend. his name is Asi. he is very far away from me. so we used to talk over the phone at night. sometimes we forget to sleep.. i really proud to say that he is my best buddy I have ever had.. after reading your article, my love is just increased as I have no place in my heart to love someone else.. 🙂
    keep blogging… all the best.

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