My eyes are drooping and I have loads of work to do. I have a bundle of assignments to complete and a whole of books to study but my love for writing brings me here again. It arouses me like always. I wish I could control myself but unfortunately I can’t because my passion for writing is as great as my laziness.
I felt like writing something. Something that helps me vent out my frustration, something that helps me express my feelings. I am tired but I can’t sleep. Growing up is so depressing at times, you can’t do what you want, you can’t just keep lying on bed, you can’t play, you can’t finish your home work in an hour and be free. When we were kids, we always wanted to be just like grownups, take decisions the way they took, run home the way they did, do things the way they wanted but now it feels how hard it is to be an adult.
It’s tough to take decisions, it’s tough to run home, it requires courage to let go off few people from our lives. And this is because one has to consider the family issues, the financial issues, the social issues and a lot more.
Being an adult has its own advantages as well. You have your own life, you can put in your own view point but it is only you who can make it or break it.
Unfortunately I find myself wanting to be a kid again. I wish I could just go to school, come back in the afternoon, have Mum made yummy food, take rest, play out with friends in the evening, finish my homework in an hour, watch TV with family, have the great family session, dinner and go to sleep.
I miss those days when I was a carefree bird…

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  1. those were the sweet days we all want to go back to…and the funny fact…when we're kids we wanted to grow old…
    was a nice read harshita…keep scribbling… 🙂

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