Finally my blog turns an year old. Unfortunately it is in my hands so it has lost its importance. Poor chap must be feeling how on earth did he fall in a lazy person’s lap who once in a blue moon remembers it and shows a little pity by posting something.

Don’t you worry my sweet blog I still love you though I love my sleep more but one day I assure you we will make it big. Dreams V/s Reality will one day become a famous blog with all the public hogging in here. Till then it’s just me wishing you a Happy Birthday. Time to celebrate, darling. Take care coz I come quite less but sweetheart I do love you and feel for you. One day everyone will be wishing you and celebrating your birthday. Anyway we two are crowd enough for your birthday this time, let’s begin with the party. Woohooo!!!!!

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  1. i might be a bit("too" sounds awful)late,,,,but as they say it's good to be late than never,,,,,,a very happy b'day to your blog,,,,,i loved your style of wiring,,,,as it is damn humorous ,,,,hope thing turns out perfectly for your ,,,blog,,,and for your writing,,,,,

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