I saw the child in torn clothes first
I again saw him the next day sweeping the floor
I asked him his name
He didn’t speak anything
I thought he was hesitant to talk
I then came in the evening for a walk
I found him trying to read a piece of paper
I wished him and asked his name again
He looked at me with innocence in his eyes
And started reading the paper again
I asked him if he liked studying
I could see a spark in his eyes
He gave a nod and then turned sad
I saw the ten year old every morning
He was always silent and expressionless
One day I saw him in the afternoon
He was building fire and trying to cook
And then came an eight year old girl,
Running and shouting,calling out his name
I saw the same spark in his eyes as on that day
The spark combined with a huge smile on his face
made me think about him once more
I walked up to him and asked his name
This time I got the reply from his sister
The eight year old was his sister
I asked her about her school
She told me her brother was dumb
I now felt guilty about asking him out that day
I gave my hand to him
And he finally shook his hand with me
Now we were friends and that too good ones
All three of us now sat down and played
Every evening I would play with them
Every morning I would teach them
I had developed a soft corner for the boy
He was a good listener,extremely bright
I taught him to write
I was surprised to see him learn soon
Today i asked him if he wanted to go to school
His eyes shone bright and were full of happiness
I knew this is what I had to do now
Today I came to know the true feeling of gratitude
He touched my feet,I was speechless
With a smile on his lips and tears in his eyes
He gave out a paper to me
On it was written “THANK YOU MA’AM’
And all I could remember at that moment
Was the first time I saw him,
Quiet and shy,sweeping the floor,
With a question in his eyes

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