I was listening to the songs of the much-publicized Shiny Ahuja’s ‘Ghost’ and I read its caption “The Past Never Dies It Kills”. And oh! My God what a caption. I’m just bowled over it. I don’t know how the movie is going to be as it’s another thriller may be connected to whatever misdeeds one has committed in the past. Though we are not going to talk about the movie so all the movie lovers I’m sorry to disappoint you.
What I wanted to talk about is how life gets screwed up if you don’t think straight. I know this is a line from Chetan Bhagat’s first novel “Five Point Someone’. So Mr.Bhagat apologies for using your line. Anyway coming to the point of the caption “the Past Never Dies…It Kill”. I find it quite catchy as well as something we all can relate to and like always my stupid mind isn’t thinking straight. It has linked this line with common acid attacks taking place in the country these days.
It is very common to hear some jilted lover throwing acid over their so called true love. If she can’t be mine she can’t be someone else’s. Many of the jilted lovers are either in jail or are roaming about in the city like a free bird, courtesy political contacts and bribery. So what I wanted to give these acid attackers the message is “Sweethearts you should read this line once, may be it might bring in some grey cell in you so that you do not commit such a mistake in future “and this message is also to those for those who are planning for such kind of stuff.
You might be enjoying your life at the moment but dears your karma always pays off. I know I’m sounding like a crazy preacher but I guess sometimes few issues are to be take seriously if not by the government then at least by the countrymen.
All these acid attackers must thank their stars that they are living in India or else if they would have been in a country where there are strict laws, they might have been hanged on till now.Anyways that’s all for today, it’s 1 a.m in my clock I need to get up at seven, quite a tedious job for me:P
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  1. कर्म करने तक आप स्वतन्त्र हैं…पर फल के लिए नहीं…फल आपका पीछा नहीं छोड़ने वाला…

    जैसे कर्म करेगा वैसा फल देगा भगवान…ये है गीता का ज्ञान…

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