Sometimes giving advices and suggestions to others is so easy. But following it is extremely difficult. I wish following advices could become easier and then mistakes that we commit in our life would lessen as time passed by. Life would have run smoothly with less problems and more of achievements would touch our feet. But human being can never be God and it is expected out of him to be imperfect. He is the one who will keep repeating mistakes. Learned men who have lived on this Earth have always said that learn from your mistakes but it’s not that simple. To do this one must have strong will power and determination.
It often happens that when others are giving you advices you feel that they are opposing you but this is not the case.One should be cool enough to take these suggestions in a positive manner.Even if you find the person’s point of view wrong,just listen to him once.May be he has got a point on which you had missed out.Talking out to people and interaction helps a lot.One gets open to different ideas and varied thoughts. The horizon of  your thinking widens.
I guess we often lack the manner of making people convince and understand our ideas.If we can explain the true meaning of what we feel without making the listener bored or making him feel that he is wrong. If we want someone to listen to us we should be ready to listen to him first and agree with his views so that he can hold on to your explanations till the end. Because if we don’t do so the end result will be nothing less than a heated conversation and a futile attempt to make him/her realize the errors.So patience,maintaining one’s cool and the manner of explanation are important tools one needs to use while giving advices.
Some people have the habit of giving unrealistic suggestions.Stay away from them and if you really want to give advice to someone let them be genuine. Even if it is a bit difficult to apply them it is better to make a person aware of the shortcomings and obstacles in the path so that he/she is prepared for it.
And the biggest lesson in life we as human beings need to learn is APPLYING THE ADVICES GIVEN TO OTHERS IN OUR LIFE. It is acceptable that all of  the teachings and preachings are tried and tested but yes do try to work them out in your life after recommending them to others.Trust me Life is gonna be definitely better than before…:) 🙂

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  1. इसी बात पर एक कहानी याद आ गयी…एक महिला अपने बच्चे को लेकर एक संत के पास पंहुची…बोली ये चीनी बहुत खाता है…संत ने कहा एक हफ्ते बाद आना…एक हफ्ते बाद उसने फिर यही वाक्य दोहराया…दूसरे हफ्ते भी…और तीसरे हफ्ते भी…फिर जब वो औरत पहुंची तो उसने बच्चे से कहा बेटा चीनी मत खाया करो…माँ से रहा नहीं गया…उसने कहा ये बात तो आप तीन हफ्ते पहले भी कह सकते थे…संत बोला मै तीन हफ्ते से खुद् चीनी छोड़ने की कोशिश कर रहा था…पर उपदेश कुशल बहुतेरे…ऐंवे ही नहीं कहा गया है…nice post…

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