You are away from me 
still close to me more than anyone else 
Today I fought with you
I’ve hurt you I know
But I’ve hurt myself more
I spoke more than I should have
I am sorry
I know I always say the same thing
And I repeat it again and again
I’m stupid and I’m kiddish
I’m extremely sorry sweetheart
I love you a lot
But sometimes I lose my senses
I lose the ability to think
You know I’m too stubborn
And I don’t accept my mistake
But today I’m brave enough to say
It was my mistake
And if I’ve been able to speak out this
It’s been just because of you
I know sorry can’t fill the space of anger
But I can’t bear this silence
I’m accustomed to listening to your voice
Every hour,every minute,every second
But it’s been two hours
And my phone hasn’t rung yet
I am waiting but this moment isn’t passing by
I am too weak to ask for punishment
But if by this act I get you back
I’m ready to do this even
But please don’t go away from me
I’m sorry my eddy teddy…
Love u loads… 
                                                                                                    -Harshita Srivastava

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