Love..the most beautiful and the purest of all emotions in this world. Love can bring the happiest moments of your life though it can also give you the most painful wounds if you don’t get love in any form.Let’s not talk about the painful love today.It’s breakup day today but let us keep love as the happy part of our lives.Every thing has a positive aspect as well as negative aspect and so does love. Those people who have the love of their life may be knowing this very well that love is wonderful and it can’t be expressed in words.
  The love week has just gone by and we have seen so many youngsters getting committed during this time promising to be by each other’s side forever and many more sappy stuff.Initially all goes well but later on we find many of them breaking up.What people don’t understand is that if there is happiness today then sadness will surely come by.This is not a fairytale,it’s life and life is full of ups and downs.Every relation has some misunderstandings,some conflicts and fights but that doesn’t mean that breakup is the only solution.Don’t we fight with our friends and family members but do we ever stop talking to them?? Don’t we apologize to our friends?? Then what stops us from apologizing to our partner,what stops us from clearing misunderstandings between each other?? We just fight and argue.Can’t we just leave it all?Can’t we just ignore a mistake made by our love?Isn’t he/she a human??
  “To err is human,to forgive is divine”
Don’t we all know this?? We all have learnt this saying but have we ever tried to understand it.Forgiveness is a virtue which is equivalent to the goodness of the Almighty.Making mistakes is a part of life and if you don’t make mistakes you’ll never be able to master the art of living.Same is the case with forgiveness.If your loved one makes a mistake it is your duty to forgive him/her,not finish off the relation.
 If all of us realize the true value of relationships then won’t this world become a better place to live in??
There would be lesser number of wars,murders,suicides and other crimes.Many a cases of murders are due to betrayal in love.We have seen so many cases of acid attacks.Reason:jilted lovers.What I don’t understand is if you actually love a person then how can you ever think of harming her.So many youngsters commit suicide these days because of breakups and problems in their love life but why don’t they think that if today there is sorrow and hardships in their life then tomorrow they are definitely going to have a lovely and shady life.
  “Ghum ka ye pal guzar jayega fir koi humsafar ayega”
  I guess majority of us have heard the above lines of the song “Bikhri bikhri” from the movie “What’s your Rashee?” but have we ever tried to analyse the meaning of the words.This song has a beautiful lyrics.I would say listen to this song once again and think about the phase through which your life is going.If there is an obstacle in your life it is God’s way to make you strong and if there is happiness then be thankful that you are fortunate enough to have a beautiful life filled with joys and don’t be afraid of sorrows and obstacles because life is full of experiences whether good or bad..
That’s Life sweetheart…Live it,face it!!!!

9 Replies to “It’s Breakup Day today…”

  1. man u made me rememba my breakup days…i wish i had someone like u then..i mighht have got some positive energy from you..neverthless will come to u when i break up next;)

  2. i read somewhere…."if u can't handle me at my worst,,,,,then,,,you don't deserve me at my best"………. we gets attracted by some amazing qualities of a person…starts liking him/her…and thinks we are in love….we falls for the good habits of the person and get committed…….and when we start knowing the person….very obviously….we came to know some of his/her bad habits we never ever expected from that person…..and then love bubble explodes…………and then all of a sudden the person you loved a short while ago……seems a jerk,,,and then,,,ta,,,dan,,,,,BREAK UP…..
    if we start accepting a person as a whole rather then just falling for someone's cuteness……or charm…or anything like that….in my personal opinion……you surely gonna have a beautiful relation for forever

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