This post has been featured in Tangy Tuesday Picks by Blogadda It is just another Monday afternoon at work, sleepy yet slogging to get past the day’s tasks. That’s how Mondays are, aren’t they? Nobody likes them. I haven’t come across anyone who has had a pleasant experience with this day unless they get lucky – lucky enough to fall sick over the weekend. I’ve recently been lucky enough to fall sick for two weeks straight, I’ve been lucky enough to stay at a hospital – a…Continue Reading “Do what you love, love what you do!”

This post has been featured in Tangy Tuesday Picks by Blogadda I stay in Gurgaon and use Uber on a regular basis to commute for work. This Saturday, I decided to book Uber, just like every day, the only difference was that I was travelling from Delhi to Noida. Since it was a comparatively long journey, the driver and I got talking. This driver may be in his late 40s or perhaps even 50. He seemed to be a kind and gentle chap talking about…Continue Reading “Conversations with an Uber Driver”

It was one of those mundane wintry mornings when in popped a mail. The guy needed content for some hotel listed with us. I obliged but who was this guy anyway? I asked around and understood he was the same guy who’d come next to my desk pretty much every day and talk about whole lot of TV series that he was currently watching and what must be watched. Oh! And he was also the same guy who had volunteered to help a fellow colleague…Continue Reading “Birthdays are Special”

Back in Christchurch at my studio apartment on a Friday night, I was busy burying my disappointments and failures.  There was nothing unusual about this meeting; Fred, Natalie and I would meet up every second Friday and cry over a lot of issues. It was pretty clear that we were disappointed with our lives. It had been more than ten years that we had been working rigorously on our professions and had gained a lot professionally. But there were a lot of things we missed;…Continue Reading “The Small Little Joys of Dunedin”

Ever thought you’d wish for something and you have it at the drop of a hat?, recently extended their warmth and love to Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, by delivering smile at her doorstep., India’s leading fashion destination that caters to the fashion needs of modern India turned as a genie for the peppy and spunky Bollywood’s actress. Stemming from a twitter post by Parineeti where she expressed her love for crop tops, Jabong made a selection from a plethora of fashionable apparel available…Continue Reading “Press Release: Guess who made Parineeti’s Day?”

When I got in touch with the vivacious Dr. Prachi Priyanka, I noticed she had a cheerful smile on her face. Within a few minutes of talking, I came to know its beauty of her heart that reflects in her face. A dynamic personality that she, Prachi happens to be the Creative Head at Morsels & Juices. She holds a doctorate degree in English literature and conducts creative writing workshops for young learners. She enjoys weaving articles on various topics ranging from art criticism to…Continue Reading “It is equally important to teach boys not to rape, to respect women and inculcate in them the virtues of kindness: Prachi Priyanka”

There are some interactions that leave you with no words. Abhik Chakraborty’s happens to be one of them. He has left me in a trance and all I can do is just ask you read down his views on issues close to him. And yes, Abhik is an electronics engineering student and a contributor to Crumpled Voices.  He has been a frequent contributor to various websites on different topics of self help and current affairs; he has also been an intern for A foodie,…Continue Reading “The cause of this anthology made me feel very responsible: Abhik Chakraborty”

“I call myself as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Dreamer, a Writer, Poetess, a Storyteller, an Artist, a philosopher, a thinker, a listener, an advisor and a bird with the wings of imagination!” says Nibha Gupta, one of the contributors of the recently released and critically acclaimed anthology, Crumpled Voices.  Nibha is currently pursuing Masters in Computer Applications from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. She completed her graduation from Banasthali University, Jaipur. She aspires to be writer in future. She gives wings to…Continue Reading “It doesn’t matter if we wanted to do it or not, what matters is if we did it at the right time or not: Nibha Gupta”

“There are many other designations and degrees that decorate my profile but somehow none of them could give me the satisfaction and delight which I get when people call me ‘An Author’. I was spending my life quite aimlessly until I found myself growing in the literary society. Writing gives me solace, peace and tranquility, it accepts me the way I am, I don’t have to be right every time- I can just be ‘me’. Composing stories and poems is what I live for, and…Continue Reading “Be yourself and enjoy your existence, rest of the world has been taken: Tanya Shrivastava”

Smita has a post grad degree in Sociology and a diploma in Human Resources. She gave up a flourishing career in a corporate firm, for an even more enriching one- motherhood! A true Mumbaikar, she lives on pure adrenaline. She juggles between being a hands-on mom to a garrulous three year old girl, interning at Gargi Publications as well as maintaining a blog. Her other passions include music, food and of course, books, whenever she can squeeze in time.  Smita believes that writing comes from…Continue Reading “Chit Chat with Smita Salins”