Considered as one of the top most destinations in the world, Paris is a picturesque city located in the northern centre of France in Europe. The capital city is globally known for its fashion, food, culture, art and architecture. The magnificence of the place is such that people from far and wide come around to witness it. Honeymooners, group or friends, solo travellers, and families, all kinds of people can be seen in Paris. With its multitude of attractions, the city is sure to leave…Continue Reading “Paris is always a good idea”

“To Travel is to LIVE” An age old saying that manages to rekindle within us hope every time life fails us. Haven’t we all implemented this simple saying in our life once in a while? And how huge a difference a small trip has made in our lives! All of my childhood I was taught the importance of travel, courtesy a Dad who loved travelling and holidaying with his family. Back then, hotels were present in the market but we always managed to stay in…Continue Reading “Stayzilla shuts down and I can not be less sad”

Plan a vacation and the whole group starts browsing through the best hotels in that particular destination. But isn’t it about time we start giving hotel stays a rest and start making accommodation as adventurous and fun as the remaining parameters of the trip. Let’s take a look at the kinds of accommodation, an alternative to hotels in India. Homestays Image Credits: One of the best ways to take in essence of the local culture is via homestays. The apprehensions that run around lodging…Continue Reading “Holiday with a twist: Explore accommodation beyond the regular hotels in India”

This post has been featured in Tangy Tuesday Picks by Blogadda It is just another Monday afternoon at work, sleepy yet slogging to get past the day’s tasks. That’s how Mondays are, aren’t they? Nobody likes them. I haven’t come across anyone who has had a pleasant experience with this day unless they get lucky – lucky enough to fall sick over the weekend. I’ve recently been lucky enough to fall sick for two weeks straight, I’ve been lucky enough to stay at a hospital – a…Continue Reading “Do what you love, love what you do!”

The picture down there probably explains how wonderful the weekend went. On a lazy Saturday morning, I started off with this novella and couldn’t just put it down till it was completed. Sharing a few lines with you that I just couldn’t help noting down. I can not promise a review though I’ll try my best. Talking about Sunday, it was one hell of a day. One of my friends is getting married and since it’s the first wedding in our circle, all of us…Continue Reading “The weekend”

At Travelnaama, I’ll be sharing info on destinations to head to for your vacations. I’d bring to you all the data available from the official sites and will also share some tips shared by travellers. It isn’t necessary that all places mentioned here have been personally visited by me however, they have captured my attention and reading glasses. My sudden interest in travel and exploration has lead me to start this feature. If there are some mistakes in any of the posts, please let me…Continue Reading “Travelnaama”