Considered as one of the top most destinations in the world, Paris is a picturesque city located in the northern centre of France in Europe. The capital city is globally known for its fashion, food, culture, art and architecture. The magnificence of the place is such that people from far and wide come around to witness it. Honeymooners, group or friends, solo travellers, and families, all kinds of people can be seen in Paris. With its multitude of attractions, the city is sure to leave…Continue Reading “Paris is always a good idea”

Plan a vacation and the whole group starts browsing through the best hotels in that particular destination. But isn’t it about time we start giving hotel stays a rest and start making accommodation as adventurous and fun as the remaining parameters of the trip. Let’s take a look at the kinds of accommodation, an alternative to hotels in India. Homestays Image Credits: One of the best ways to take in essence of the local culture is via homestays. The apprehensions that run around lodging…Continue Reading “Holiday with a twist: Explore accommodation beyond the regular hotels in India”

Back in Christchurch at my studio apartment on a Friday night, I was busy burying my disappointments and failures.  There was nothing unusual about this meeting; Fred, Natalie and I would meet up every second Friday and cry over a lot of issues. It was pretty clear that we were disappointed with our lives. It had been more than ten years that we had been working rigorously on our professions and had gained a lot professionally. But there were a lot of things we missed;…Continue Reading “The Small Little Joys of Dunedin”