Personalities and people are often differentiated on the basis of two colors – Black and White. As kids, this is how we segregated people in our lives. The good people signified white and the ones that had to be kept at an arm’s length were symbolized by the color black. We kept on doing so for long but then we began to grow. We began to understand that not everyone can always be good or not everyone is always going to be bad. We…Continue Reading “Black, White or Grey”

Guest Post by Kiran Today, I read an article in Times Life that reminded me my gloomy days. We all in almost all stage of our life face some kind of stress, frustration and loneliness and yes, we try to overcome it by different ways but many times situation becomes too difficult for us to handle so we try to give ourselves physical pain just to divert our mind towards the external pain and the formula really works. May be secretly, but yes many of…Continue Reading “Ways to deal with depression”