Today i.e. the 5th of June is observed as the World Environment Day every year. Now we all know about the sad situation of the environment, we all know about the problems, but are we doing anything to help make it better? You know you don’t really have to go out of the way. You can just do it in your own ways. You won’t even realize it, but you can actually help the environment in more ways than you can ever expect. This World…Continue Reading “World Environment Day: 5 Things You Can Do to Save the Environment”

To Be or Not To Be… A Quitter! So who’s a quitter anyway? How do you define one? And no, I am not looking for the dictionary meaning. A 16-year old girl decided to end her life because she was unable to take the bullying at school. Does that make her a quitter? A 35-year old quit his job and left the city for the mountains. Does it make him a quitter? A 60-year old woman called off her third marriage. Does this decision make…Continue Reading “Break Free”

Going through quarter life crisis? Or are you someone who is going to turn 25 soon? Are you facing questions like ‘what am I doing with my life?’ or ‘where is my life heading?’? Step back, take a deep breath and read on. This is a compilation of my personal experiences. There was no one to tell me what changes I need to bring into my life once I turn 25. I have realized and understood all this with time. I am about to turn…Continue Reading “25 Changes to Bring in your Life after Turning 25”

Considered as one of the top most destinations in the world, Paris is a picturesque city located in the northern centre of France in Europe. The capital city is globally known for its fashion, food, culture, art and architecture. The magnificence of the place is such that people from far and wide come around to witness it. Honeymooners, group or friends, solo travellers, and families, all kinds of people can be seen in Paris. With its multitude of attractions, the city is sure to leave…Continue Reading “Paris is always a good idea”

“To Travel is to LIVE” An age old saying that manages to rekindle within us hope every time life fails us. Haven’t we all implemented this simple saying in our life once in a while? And how huge a difference a small trip has made in our lives! All of my childhood I was taught the importance of travel, courtesy a Dad who loved travelling and holidaying with his family. Back then, hotels were present in the market but we always managed to stay in…Continue Reading “Stayzilla shuts down and I can not be less sad”

Plan a vacation and the whole group starts browsing through the best hotels in that particular destination. But isn’t it about time we start giving hotel stays a rest and start making accommodation as adventurous and fun as the remaining parameters of the trip. Let’s take a look at the kinds of accommodation, an alternative to hotels in India. Homestays Image Credits: One of the best ways to take in essence of the local culture is via homestays. The apprehensions that run around lodging…Continue Reading “Holiday with a twist: Explore accommodation beyond the regular hotels in India”

Half the day is almost gone and you still do not know what to do? I know what must be going in your head. She’ll be really angry if I do not come with a plan. What if she leaves me for someone else? But where do I take her out? All good restaurants are full. Moreover, everything is so costly. I rather do something or be prepared for a nice lecture. But what? What if I told you that your day can still be…Continue Reading “Still clueless about Valentine’s Day celebration? Here’s your Survival Guide!”

It is just another day at work but, not everything is right. I feel so void of everything in my life. I feel so empty that I can’t even relate to what life is. I hardly feel so hollow, but today happens to be different for me. It’s one of those days when people are hurt and sad and have no clue about how to go through the day. Yes, I am that sad, sad enough to wish the day to get over as soon…Continue Reading “What to do when you are Sad?”

Living with a dry skin is a complete no-no. The winter season is here and we have already spent a bomb on body butters and lotions. After all, we love to take care of our skin.  While it is wonderful to keep your closet stocked with the best of body butters, it is definitely not too great for your pocket. Moreover, making your body go through so much of chemical consumption may not be the perfect idea in the long run. How about getting making…Continue Reading “The Save Game – Homemade Shea Body Butter Recipe”

  Personalities and people are often differentiated on the basis of two colors – Black and White. As kids, this is how we segregated people in our lives. The good people signified white and the ones that had to be kept at an arm’s length were symbolized by the color black. We kept on doing so for long but then we began to grow. We began to understand that not everyone can always be good or not everyone is always going to be bad. We…Continue Reading “Black, White or Grey”